Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Rite Aid, Take 3

Ok, so I just took my third trip to Rite Aid this week. When I first saw the flier, I didn't think there was much to get excited about. Um, wrong.

Yesterday I did 1 FSA transaction, and 1 regular one. I have some FSA money to use before the end of the year, and this seems like a smart way to do it. I can stock up on cold meds, get some UPRs back, and qualify for the Gift of Savings, all at the same time.

FSA transaction: 1 Sinex Nyquil, 1 Dayquil, 2 Vicks Baby Vapor Rubs, 1 Puffs Tissue, and 2 large bags of Halls. I used 1 $1.00/2 Halls coupon, 1 $4.00 Sinex Coupon, 1 $1.50 Vicks Coupon, a $1.00 Vicks Coupon, and a Free Puffs with 2 Vicks coupon. My total after coupons was $17.46, and I earned $4.00 UPRs

Non FSA transaction: 2 Bic pencils, 2 Lysol multi purpose sprays (BOGO), 2 Splenda packets with fiber, 2 Dawn dish soaps, 1 Olay body wash, 1 Olay body lotion, and 1 package of snacks for the kids. I used these coupons: 1 x 1.00/2 Lysol sprays, 2 x $2.00 Splenda with Fiber, 1 x $1.00/2 Dawn, 1 x Buy Olay BW, get lotion free. Total after coupons and UPRs was $1.20, and I earned $5.00 UPRs.

So, today. Today is Story Time at one of our Libraries, which is very close to both a CVS and a Rite Aid. As I was going through our local paper (which only comes out on Wednesday and Friday), I found a P&G coupon insert. BONUS! Now I have 2 BOGO Pantene coupons, and 2 Dawn coupons. This changes how I feel about the P&G deal at CVS this week. And since I'm going to CVS, I should hit Rite Aid, too. So I printed 2 BIC coupons for $1.00/2 and a Video Values coupon for $5.00/2 Foamies, which are on sale this week.

FSA transaction: 2 Dayquil, 2 Nyquil, 1 Puffs. Coupons: 2 x $1.50 Dayquil, 2 x $1.50 Nyquil, 1 Free Puffs with 2 Vicks. Total spent: $10.06, with $4.00 UPRs received.

Other transaction: 2 Foamies (BOGO 50%), 2 Crayola crayons (BOGO 50%), 4 packs of BIC pens. Coupons: $5.00/2 Foamies, 2 x $1.00/2 BIC. Total after coupons and UPRs: $2.62, with $6.00 UPRs earned.

And CVS: 4 Dawn dish soap, 2 Pantene shampoo, 2 Pantene conditioner, 1 Duracell AA 10 pack, and a 1/2 gallon of milk because the kids were thirsty and I forgot to pack milk for our trip today. The P&G deal is $5 ECB when you spend $20 on various items including Pantene, Dawn, and Duracell. I used 2 x BOGO Pantene (worth $3.33 each), 1 x 1.50 Duracell, and 2 x 1.00/2 Dawn. My total after coupons and ECBs was $1.66, and I earned $5.00 ECB. The $13.32 in Pantene will go towards the current Olay rebate (spend $50, get $20 cash back). And my husband prefers Pantene, so this will keep him in shampoo for a couple of months.

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